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Who we are

The "WEDA" Plastics Processing Plant Danuta Kwaśniewska in Kętrzyn run by representative Władysław Kwaśniewski is one of the largest manufacturers of film packaging in the region.

Since 1984 we have been offering the highest quality advertising bags of the market bag, handle, T-shirt and patch bag types.
The film bags manufactured by our company are fully ecological, environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable.
Upon our customers' request we make bags with the addition of a substance that causes product decomposition after its assumed suitability for use has expired (certificate).


Our history in a few words…

The company was established on February 15th, 1984 and was named Film Bags Manufacturing. The production of bags started in a garage, using a sealer constructed by the owner's husband. In the following months the first people were employed and the production was moved to larger rented premises. The sealing and film trimming equipment was self-made.


The last investment allowed us to expand our offer with new, very interesting designs of bags with printed images. The recycling line made it possible to regranulate the production waste, leading to the creation of a waste-free technological line.


The "WEDA" Plastics Processing Plant Danuta Kwaśniewska has acquired European Union Funds financing numerous times




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The word "ECOLOGY" seems to be the most important word in the world. But what is really ecological and good for the environment, and what is not? Aren't some of the initiatives "ecological" only by terminology?

RemaDays WARSAW 2017

Fair Advertising and Printing RemaDays Warsaw is the largest and most important event of its kind in Central Europe, a true celebration of the industry!

Unbeatable quality

We have a modern machinery park, many years of experience and a team of professionals that provide the highest product quality at each stage of order completion. Check out what you can expect when co-operating with us.


The rules of sales and customer relations at the Institute of Plastics "WEDA" Danuta Kwaśniewska in Rastenburg.